Ireland's Riding School (NBBC Licence - 2/18)

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Phone : 024 7673 2468


Group Lessons - Half Hour (£15) ..... 45 Minutes (£22) ..... One Hour (£26)
Private Lessons - Half Hour (£25) ..... 45 Minutes (£32)
Birthday Parties - £20 per person

Alt The Girls


Irelands Riding School has been up and running since 1991 and was started by Diane and Keith Ireland. . Diane already had several horses through competing at local shoes along with both the children who had learnt to ride as soon as they could walk.

Stables Photos

Getting horses on board was quite a task and this was helped by utilising Keith as a novice rider to test hoses suitability. Many horses were rejected, some as they disappeared into the distance with Keith hanging on. Soon a good stock of horses were on board and they looked down the drive to see if customers would arrive. George Phipps arrived with his grandchildren and they were underway.

Alt The Girls2

You can see above on the file bar photos of some of the horses that have been at the riding school during the digital camera age and the hope is to get the first photos scanned from the early days as time permits.

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