Ireland's Riding Stables - Stable Management Course

Ireland's Riding Stables

Stable Management Course for Schools/Home Schooling)

Welcome to Ireland's Riding Stables, where we offer a comprehensive stable management course tailored for education establishments. Our experienced instructor, Michelle Ireland BHSAI, will guide your group through various aspects of stable management for an engaging and educational experience.

Course Details:

  • Introduction to Stable Management: Gain an understanding of the key principles of horse care and stable management.
  • This session covers the basics of horse anatomy, grooming techniques, and the importance of maintaining a clean and safe stable environment. Participants will learn how to approach and handle horses safely.

  • Tack and Equipment: Explore the different types of horse tack and equipment.
  • Learn about saddles, bridles, and other essential equipment. Understand the proper fitting and care of tack to ensure the comfort and well-being of the horse.

  • Feeding and Nutrition: Discover the fundamentals of equine nutrition.
  • Explore the dietary needs of horses, including types of feed, feeding schedules, and special dietary considerations. Understand how proper nutrition contributes to the health and performance of the horse.

  • Stable Maintenance: Learn the importance of maintaining a clean and organized stable.
  • Participants will gain hands-on experience in mucking out stalls, maintaining bedding, and general stable upkeep. Understand the significance of a well-maintained environment for the health of the horses.

Additional Cost Options:

Participants have the option to include a half-hour instructed ride for an additional £30 per rider, subject to suitability. Enjoy a ride under the guidance of our experienced instructor, Michelle Ireland.


Individual costs for a joint private lesson and stable management lessons start from £75.

The group minimum cost per hour is £75 for up to 5 people. (6 Week course)

Alternatively, a charge per hour of £160 for groups up to 10 people. (Additional horse and supervision costs) - (6 week course)
(Subject to review depending on School additional requirements).

PLEASE NOTE : Bookings are for the full 6 weeks in advance and once agreed and booked are not refundable.

Contact Information:

For bookings and inquiries, please contact Michelle Ireland at 07814263013 or leave a message at the office on 02476732468.

Visit our website at for more information.